The Benefits of Daily Exercise – What You Should Know



Exercise always conjures images of tedious and boring sets and reps. Even if the requirement for staying fit is just a meager thirty minutes a day, it can be difficult to adhere to a regular walking or jogging regimen, particularly when you are trying to catch deadlines or running late for your child’s soccer game. Instagrambioideas

However, short bursts of activity can count as exercise. When integrated into the performance of your everyday activities, little movements that leave you a bit breathless and slightly sweaty do count into your 30 minutes of daily exercise requirement. By making exercise a part of your routine, you are still able to keep the weight off and stay fit and healthy even without going to the gym or waking up early in the morning to do an early aerobics dance workout. How do you do this?

If you’re trying to outrun everyone in your ascent up the corporate ladder but have placed your health in jeopardy with your largely sedentary lifestyle, try walking or cycling at least part of the way to the office. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If your office is in the 10th floor, then get off the 7th floor and use the stairs the rest of the way. Should you need to talk to someone in another floor or another room in the same floor, use your legs to get there instead of relying solely on the telephone? In phone conversations, stand and do stretches. Finally, you can also use your lunch hour to walk in a nearby park or do a few laps in a nearby pool. Instagrambioideas

If you’re a full time mom, you can incorporate physical activity into your routine by walking your kids to and from school– if it’s within walking distance, of course. You can also take your children to the park and play with them there. Thirty minutes of running after your energetic toddler even around the house is enough to meet your exercise requirement for the day! For new parents, you can always enjoy an early morning walk around the neighborhood with your newborn. Just make sure that your infant is wrapped in protective clothing and strapped securely to the stroller during your early morning brisk strolls. The walk will be beneficial for you and allow the baby to get his daily dose of essential Vitamin D.

 For older citizens and pensioners, you can still attain your daily exercise requirements by doing chores around the house. Mow the lawn manually, cook, vacuum, wipe the furniture and prune the overgrown hedges. Try to push, bend or carry whenever you can. Doing housework that require you to move different muscle groups will enhance flexibility, improve balance and muscle coordination and increase bone and muscle mass so you remain independent, mobile and self-sufficient. You can also join community-based activities in your area.


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